Repairs Whether – heaven forbid – you’re a victim of crime, the elements or simply an unfortunate accident, a call to Bramley Glass will ensure repairs to windows and doors are carried out quickly and efficiently. Our fast response service covers both domestic and commercial properties. We also offer a replacement and repair service for leaded lights and will cut glass to any size for mirrors, table tops etc.

Installations Windows keep the wind out. So the last thing you want when you’re having new ones installed is a gaping hole in the front of your house. Bramley Glass’s installation service keeps fuss and disruption to an absolute minimum. Our installers are focussed on completing your work to the very highest standards and as efficiently as possible.

Business to business Bramley Glass Construction ‘s team of trained and qualified professionals have the expertise to ensure that whenever you need repairs to your business property, we can do it. That includes offices, factories, warehouses and commercial lettings. Our fast response service covers emergency repairs for, say, a broken window, doors, damaged brickwork and missing roof slates. Nor are we just about repairs. We’re happy to be involved in new build projects and property improvements too. So whether you want windows for your warehouse or a classy new shop front, then give us a call. We can help indoors with plumbing and electrical work too.

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